#30811 Three Axis Control Model

    The Three Axis Control Model is used to introduce the “X”, “Y”, and “Z” coordinates system. All positions are based on limit switches for maximum accuracy. The model is programmed to pick up a color washer and move it from the first position to the second position for that color. Then to repeat the process for the next two stations. After completion, it returns to home position and returns the washer’s to their original positions. This model uses advance “move” programming command, along with a system of commands on keeping track on where each washer is located.


  • All three axis have limit switches on them
  • Electromagnet pick-up system
  • Three color washer system of pick and place
  • Compatible with the fishertechnik interface
  • Compatible with any 24 volt dc, 16 input / 16 output PLC system with interface board
  • This is a stand-alone model and does not connect with any other model system


  • Programmable controller interface (24 volt dc system)
  • Programming for Allen Bradley SLC-500 Programmable controllers
Technical Data Technical Support
Interfacing requirements:
Data Inputs:
  • 7 Limit Switches

Control Outputs:
  • 3 Reversing Motors
  • 1 Electromagnet
  • PLC Addressing Sheet
  • PLC Ladder Logic
  • PLC Model Layout Diagrams

Front View

Magnet Pickup View

Side View

Magnet Pickup Switch Side View

Y Axis Side View

Y Axis Top View

X Axis Top View
X Axis Top Limit Switches

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