#30808 Sheet Metal Simulation Punch Press Model

    The Sheet Metal Simulation Punch Press Model uses a roll of paper as simulated sheet metal. The model consists of two punch rams with a punch and die setup at each station. The simulated sheet metal is pulled through the press from the end of the model. The feed motor has a pulse counter so that the model can control feed rate and position of the sheet metal (paper). The first station has one punch which will put a small hole into the simulated sheet metal, the second station has two punches that will put two holes into the simulated sheet metal, the sheet metal is fed on a continues bases so that the first hole is aline with the second set of punch holes. The model has a safety IR sensor beam, dual palm switches, single and continues switches, and fault switches for total control of the model.


  • Replaceable paper roll to simulate a sheet metal roll
  • Two punching stations that will punch holes into the paper
  • Safety IR sensor beam, that if broken will stop the presses
  • Dual palm switches for punch press operation
  • Sheet metal roll fed motor with pulse counting for control of the rate and position for punch press operation
  • Compatible with any 24 volt dc, 16 input / 16 output plc system with interface board
  • This a stand-alone model and does not connect with any other model system


  • Programmable controller interface (24 volt dc system)
  • Programming for Allen Bradley SLC-500 Programmable controllers
Technical Data Technical Support
Interfacing requirements:
Data Inputs:
  • 4 Limit Switches
  • 3 Pulse Switches
  • 8 Control Switches
  • 1 IR Sensor Beam

Control Outputs:
  • 3 Motors
  • 2 LED Fault Lights
  • PLC Addressing Sheet
  • PLC Ladder Logic
  • Model Layout Diagrams

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